Sunday, February 25, 2018

Style Spotlight x Dylan Peck

Photo/Model Credit: Dylan Peck

Tell me a little about yourself
Dylan Peck
I’m from Melbourne, Australia. 
I’m a professional model & actor. I also work as a make-up artist and beautician in a salon along with many big events, doing make-up and teaching it. I’ve been in the creative/fashion industry for quite some time so I dip my fingers in lots of cool things, I help scout models also at times and also creative direct a set or a campaign if someone needs a hand. In my spare time if I can pencil it in I’ll teach aerial hoop twice a week also; it’s a great way to let my mind go and just focus on aerial stunts. 

How would you describe your style?
Very Gender fluid, Androgynous, mono chrome, and simple.

Photographer: Steph Doran
Hair: Gwen Borsato
Make-up: Love Hawkridge
Stylist: Vistoria May
Model: Dylan Peck

How long have you been identifying as being “Androgynous”? 
For quite some time, I’d say almost 10 years when I discovered properly what it meant and what it was to be androgynous so I also used it to my advantage in my modelling career, as-well as the platform was there so I thought to take that chance.

What is your favorite motto, quote or saying?
 I’ve always had a-few when it comes to “sayings” or “quotes” I do say to myself sometimes “fake it ‘till you make it” or “tomorrow’s a new day and fresh beginnings”

Photography: Steph Doran, Hmua-Kathrymenze
Stylist: Amy Johnston
Model: Dylan Peck

What is your ideal everyday outfit?
Model days it’s black or like I said above mono chrome so I wear a lot of black and white and mix and match. Being a make-up artists/ Beauty therapist three days a week in a beauty salon it tends to take over my wardrobe, but I like black and I also love white so that’s fine by me.

Do you have any style inspirations or style icons? 
I’d definitely say Andreja Pejic. She really helped pave the way also for gender diversity and help create the scene for a lot of us androgynous/gender fluid models. Marilyn Monroe’s another one. I do love to learn about and get inspiration fromTerry Richardson. I love his wildness and his photography work is amazing! Artistically I looove David laChapelle!

Model: Dylan Peck

How important do you think social media is to our generation? 
I think it is somewhat important if utilized for the right reasons and done properly. It can boost businesses off all sorts of platforms to showcase whatever it may be these days that your wanting the world to see. It gives you a chance to be heard and at a level that can potentially reach high numbers, we’ve seen plenty of things go viral in our time so if it can do that for the right things, I think it’s very important. As well you need to use it properly and not do the wrong things, I don’t like the idea of these people that use social media platforms to bully or post hate and hurtful things. That’s where social media can suck and become nasty. Otherwise, yes I do think it’s quite important to our generation and really everyone.

Photographer: Lovebreephotography (Bree Gaudette)
Model: Dylan Peck

Do you have any words of advice or inspiration to any individual who may be dealing with adversity into coming into their own style?
I’ve always been one to say to people and others to just go with the flow, do what you feel is right and how you feel comfortable. Taking things slow as-well, if you don’t feel right or comfortable don’t force yourself to do it. Discovering yourself and your own style can be a lengthy process and sometimes even be confronting but just stick to your supportive loved ones and you should be fine. Hey if you ever want to ask anything or need help or advice don’t hesitate to contact me via social me!

Is there anything you would like to say or would like the Androgynous community to know? 
That we’re not all wanting to be transgender as that does become a confusion a lot of the time and not that there is anything wrong with being trans it’s just that correcting and educating some whom aren’t aware can help and can go a long way. So remember next time you are unsure of something don’t hesitate to ask politely and in a kind manner, clothes and fashion isn’t a crime so don’t take it so harshly but remember to ALWAYS take it seriously. Dress to impress and be yourself and thrive for what it is you want in life.

What are your social media contacts?
You can find me at

Thanks, love and peace.


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