Saturday, January 25, 2014

Style Saturday x Danielle Nicole

Meet Danielle Nicole. I hand pick who I feature on Androgynous Style and i must say that her style definitely caught my eye! Her style speaks for itself. Versatility at its best!

Tell me a little about yourself

My name is Danielle Nicole and I'm 22, living in Phoenix and LA. I love spending my time creating ideas to make people realize their beauty and perfection, whether it's through pictures or just talking talking to them. Everyone is beautiful as long as they make themselves out to be. 

What are you career goals and aspirations?

I'm apart of 2 different clothing lines and been featured in Dear Arabella Magazine. I'd LOVE to be on the cover a popular magazine to help spread my message.  My overall goal is to be more known across the world as a role model, not solely because of my looks/style but my confidence in the person I am. #TeamDanicole is a movement that was created and now inspired by thousands who believe in themselves, as do I. I'd do anything to keep it going.

How would you describe your style? 

My style is very street/skater. I love tank tops during the summer and plain tees and pants with chucks or vans during the winter. I'll throw in flare from the 80's or 90's every now and then and whenever I go out, I wear casual dress clothes. (Button ups and skinnies, etc.)

Where do you get your style inspirations? 

I see a variety of styles that catch my eye. But as of now, my style inspiration would have to be the 'greaser' look and hairstyles from the 60's as well as a more updated version of their style of clothes. 
What would you like to see in regards to the style for  "The Androgynous Woman?"

I'd like to see more unique/edgy styles. A lot of androgynous women dress with a similar fashion and it'd be really intriguing to see people take a style and make it their own. From there, others can be inspired with ideas for their own styles.

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Instagram/Twitter: @danicol3

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