Monday, February 4, 2013

Style Spotlight x Nikki Eason- Part 1

A huge misconception about studs, masculine/feminine, and androgynous women is that we want to dress like men. Truth is, we just wear what we like. Our clothes do not define who we are, but our freedom is in what we wear. We wear what is comfortable to us, what makes us happy, what feels right. Forget about trends, forget about what's cool, and forget about what others think... if you wear what you like, your style becomes your own. Check out Nikki Eason rocking her distressed denim vest, graphic tee, and camo pants. This is one of the androgynous women that knows how to flaunt her style effortlessly.

Model: Nikki Eason
Stylist/Creative Director: Shanika Latimer
Makeup Artist: Sheena Maria
Hair Stylist: Mecca Monroe
Photographer: Toni Jackson

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