Saturday, February 23, 2013

Style Saturday: Androgyny Meets High Fashion

Check out American Vogue, March 2013 issue, which features an androgynous spread "To Rome with Love" with models Joan Smalls & Raquel Zimmerman. Photography by Mario Testino.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Introducing veer nyc

Happy Style Saturday to all of my Androgynous Style followers! Today I would like to introduce a new company by the name of veer nyc. This company was created by Jenny McClary and Allie Leepson as the shopping destination for androgynous women. Imagine that! A place for us to shop for clothes that were designed for us by other androgynous women! Are you excited yet? I know I am. Not only is this a necessity for us, it's a movement! 

"This is about more than just fashion. It's about helping to move society forward into an age when people are free and at ease to live outside of the 2-gender structure. veer will help to expose the beauty and strength behind those of us who deviate from the "normal" path."

Get involved and support veer nyc, the movement and the fashion.

You can support veer nyc directly by contributing to the fund that will help them purchase their first collection for Autumn/Winter 2013! Supporting and contributing to veer nyc is an investment in all androgynous women- our freedom and our style!

Click on the link below to contribute!
veer nyc Funding Campaign

Be sure to connect with them as well!
Official Website:
Twitter: @veernyc

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Style Saturday: Meet Nikki Eason

All week we have been featuring Nikki Eason as our Style Spotlight. However, this time we did it as a three part segment which has proven to be a success! Thanks to everyone for the love and support of the articles throughout the week. In honor of Style Saturday, I decided to treat you to more androgynous style featuring none other than Nikki Eason! I have chosen the best three pictures out of all the pictures from the shoot and have displayed them for you below, along with an exclusive interview. I got the chance to speak with Nikki about her career, her style, and her thoughts on androgyny and the LGBTQ community. Enjoy Style Saturday! Let us know what you think!

Model: Nikki Eason
Stylist/Creative Director: Shanika Latimer
Makeup Artist: Sheena Maria
Hair Stylist: Mecca Monroe
Photographer: Toni Jackson/ Shanika Latimer 

1. Let's start with the basics, how old are you and where are you from?
 29, Greenville SC

2. What do you do? What are your career goals?
I consider myself a mogul, so a variety of things... I'm an androgynous model, lyricist, life coach, mentor to young basketball players and entrepreneur. I own the marketing company called Between Us that caters to the commmunity through different events and forums to educate the LGBTQ lifestyle so people can make better decisions based on facts not assumptions. My career goals is to continue to brand my name and marketing company to be well known throughout the world! To do more photo shoots, runway shows, print ads and start a movement through the androgynous model lifestyle. As far as being a lyricist, I plan to tell my story from a lesbians point of view and reveal what the world doesn't see. Continue to mentor young basketball players through one on one coaching sessions. Be a life coach to all while projecting an inspiration to be more than you can be. More importantly I want to stand behind my company's tag line, "be you because that's what you were born to do." Which means my goal is to be ME and inspire others to be themselves and let them know it's ok, why be a copy when you were born an original.

3. You have your own individual style, you wear what you like! How would you describe your style? 
I would describe it as clean cut, yet professional, but I have rugged moments.. Maybe more professional but edgy.

4. Where do you draw your style inspiration from? (celebrity, icons, magazines, art, etc.) 
Absolutely love Usher, Musiq Soul Child, TI, and Common. I love GQ and Esquire for men's fashion tips and ideas.

5. Do you have any favorite designers, brands, or stores?  
Express, Guess, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren Polo & H&M.

6. What advice do you have for women that are trying to conquer the androgynous look? 
Wear men's clothing better than men. Create your own unique style and be you while doing so. As long as you like it, nothing else matters.

7. What would you like to see more of in regards to style for "The Androgynous Woman"?
I would like to see more nice tailored suits with ties or bowties. I love the entrepreneur look because I feel that suits are the number one signature clothing for men, so it's a perfect opportunity to pull off the androgynous look with a suit.

8. Anything else you'd like people to know about Nikki Eason? 
I am doing this not just for me but for all androgynous models. It's time for a change and I plan to be at the forefront of this experience. I want people to have an opportunity to express themselves so that we may educate what it means to be an androgynous model.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Style Spotlight x Nikki Eason- Part 3

In Part 2 of the Style Spotlight x Nikki Eason, we touched on the topic of confidence. A very simple step to gaining confidence and feeling good about yourself is being well groomed. Take care of yourself and take care of your clothes. We're still women, just androgynous. It's ok to clean up your eyebrows, get that upper lip waxed, get simple manicures and pedicures, treat and style your hair. Shave, wax, and thread what you need to androgynous women. It makes a lot of difference. Being well groomed is the key to looking good and feeling good. 

As far as clothing, take care of them! Wash your clothes the proper way (pay attention to labels), dry clean what you need to, and find a great tailor! Finding a good tailor is HUGE for androgynous women. We typically wear menswear, which really isn't made for our curves and body types. Unless you want to drown in your clothes, I suggest you find a great tailor. It's an investment in your wardrobe, your look, and your confidence. When your clothes fit correctly and are being cared for, trust me... you will no longer have to worry about having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. 

Here's Nikki Eason well groomed and confident in her grey blazer, graphic tee, waxed denim, and black patent leather sneakers. She is clean cut and in style! 

Model: Nikki Eason
Stylist/Creative Director: Shanika Latimer
Makeup Artist: Sheena Maria
Hair Stylist: Mecca Monroe
Photographer: Toni Jackson

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Style Spotlight x Nikki Eason- Part 2

A lot of androgynous women struggle with confidence. It's not always easy walking out into the world knowing that people are going to break their necks to look at you. Not because you look great or because they've seen you before, but because you're not the traditionally dressed female they expected you to be. It takes a lot of self reflection to gain the confidence you need to walk out of your door as you are and not think twice about those people that hold such high expectations of you. Nikki Eason is one of many androgynous women that has found the confidence to simply be herself. Now it's your turn. 

Model: Nikki Eason
Stylist/Creative Director: Shanika Latimer
Makeup Artist: Sheena Maria
Hair Stylist: Mecca Monroe
Photographer: Toni Jackson

Monday, February 4, 2013

Style Spotlight x Nikki Eason- Part 1

A huge misconception about studs, masculine/feminine, and androgynous women is that we want to dress like men. Truth is, we just wear what we like. Our clothes do not define who we are, but our freedom is in what we wear. We wear what is comfortable to us, what makes us happy, what feels right. Forget about trends, forget about what's cool, and forget about what others think... if you wear what you like, your style becomes your own. Check out Nikki Eason rocking her distressed denim vest, graphic tee, and camo pants. This is one of the androgynous women that knows how to flaunt her style effortlessly.

Model: Nikki Eason
Stylist/Creative Director: Shanika Latimer
Makeup Artist: Sheena Maria
Hair Stylist: Mecca Monroe
Photographer: Toni Jackson

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Style Saturday

Whether your style is classic & tailored, trendy, edgy, hipster, preppy, or funky... Embrace it, because it's your own! Happy Style Saturday!

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